To solve the game, you have to complete several levels.
Every level has it's own task.

Pressing ESC will display a menu with a 'help' item which explains what you have to do in order to fulfill this task.

Once you managed to fulfill the task, the exit gate will be activated. If kiki moves through the activated exit gate, it will be 'beamed' to the next level.

The following table lists the default keys you will use to control kiki's actions:

Default Keys

move forward UP
move backward DOWN
turn left LEFT
turn right RIGHT
shoot SPACE
jump CTRL
push SHIFT
change view PAGEDOWN
look up HOME
look down END

You may change the keys in the keyboard setup.


Pressing ESC will display an on-screen menu. You may navigate the menu with the following keys:

ENTER activate selected item
UP select previous item
DOWN select next item
ESC cancel
(hide menu without activating any item)


Choosing the help item in the onscreen menu will display some help messages. You may use the following keys to navigate the list of messages:


display next help message
any other key cancel
(hide the onscreen help)

Game Items

A list of the different game items and their functions.


Description of the main and keyboard setup menus.