latest kiki for mac released

It started on a Mac and it will end on a Mac :-)


kiki binary for windows released

This version (1.0.2) includes the missing visual sudio dlls.


kiki binary for windows released

This version (1.0.1) includes the python dll. also reduced file size by removing some obsolete files.


kiki binary for windows released

This version (1.0) features 27 new levels and an improved menu.


kiki binary for windows released

This version (0.9.2) comes in an installer and doesn't need the batch files for starting the game anymore.


kiki binary for mac os x released

The version 0.9.0 is now also availbale as a binary for Mac OS X.


kiki binary for windows released

The first binary release of kiki for Windows is available! Please let me know if it works on yours system.


kiki compiles on windows

If you don't own a Mac and want to be an 'early adaptor', you could checkout the current sources from sourceforge and try to compile it under Linux or Windows (there is a VC++7 project and a Linux-Makefile included. Please let me know how far you got :-)


kiki home relocated

Since the porting of kiki to other platforms than Mac OS X made some significant progress, kiki had to move to another home.

Sincere thanks are given to mulle-kybernetik and free for the great hospitality provided so far.

The 'old bull' sourceforge proved to be a good choice for the next home. I really have to compliment the people at sourceforge for their mature services.

(BTW: the next release of kiki will run on M$Windows, that's why kiki fears to blow up the resources of it's former hosts)


version 0.9.0 sources released

I finally managed to prepare a package which contains all the updates since the competition.

The package is only available in source code format since the main changes where made for the linux-port.

Here is the list of main changes from the back of my head:

  • linux makefile
  • title music theme
  • localized texts on mac os x (german, dutch, spanish, portuguese, swedish)
  • energy and health status removed, replaced with ...
  • move counter
  • levels restructured:
    • new level named 'captured'
    • 'spikes' level removed
    • demo levels included
  • ... lots of minor changes i forgot already

most of these changes and improvements where provided by others, i hope i didn't forget anybody on the thanks page and the included readmes.